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How To Style Lapel Pins

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What suit-appropriate way do you wear a lapel pin?

It's crucial to remember that particular events may call for a specific lapel pin style. 

Wearing a small stag lapel badge to a wedding or wearing an eccentric flower lapel pin to a formal black-tie event is a big no-no.

Get the appropriate lapel pin and adhere to these styling guidelines.

When to Wear Metal lapel pin

During the week and for a classy dinner date, a simple metal lapel pin adds flair to a suit. Keep extraneous metals to a minimum and match the color of the pin to the other metals in your clothing, such as the belt, cufflinks, rings, and watches. 

Do away with the collar bar to let the pin speak. The metal pin should be subtle, like an elegant piece of jewelry, rather than a bold butterfly attached to your chest.

When to Wear Formal Floral Lapel Pin

Having a formal or black-tie event?

The boutonniere makes the sophisticated tuxedo complete. If there is a black-tie dress code, insert the flower stem into the buttonhole of your shawl's lapel and choose a single-bud bloom, such as a rose. 

Use colored roses or a sprig of your girl's favorite flower if you're a groom or wedding guest. You'll impress her.

When to Wear Stunning Contrast Lapel Pins

Do you feel like going all out? 

Pick on a colorful lapel pin to contrast with your jacket. Knowing how to color coordinate your wardrobe is crucial in this situation. If you’re not sure, that is where The Upscale Banker comes in. 

For example, you can combine the primary colors red, blue, and yellow to make a statement. Then, change the tone and shade by desaturating the blue in the jacket so the yellow lapel pin stands out. Keep the shirt simple, particularly if your tie also has a pattern.

When to Wear Neutral color Lapel Pins

More of a reserved event? 

Look for neutral colors and match the color of your jacket to the color of your lapel pin so that texture rather than color is more apparent. A cohesive stylistic strategy also uses complementary colors like blues and greens, which are next to each other on the color wheel. 

Just be sure to base out the color wash by adding an anchoring neutral color, such as white, beige, or black.

What Lapel Pin Complements a Black suit?

Choose lapel pins in vibrant hues (such as pink, blue, or green) or subtle shades (like white, grey, or beige).

Brighter lapel pins will give your outfit a lively touch. Lapel pins in a neutral color scheme will give the outfit a refined finishing touch.

What Lapel Pin Complements a Grey Suit?

Choose either darker or more vibrant lapel pins (such as those in red, pink, or purple).

Brighter hues will give your ensemble a good pop, similar to the black suit.


What Lapel Pin Compliments A Navy Suit?

You could wear any lapels mentioned above with a navy suit because they go with many things. But if we had to rank them in order of preference, they would be as follows:

  • Bright colored lapel pins
  • Neutral-colored lapel pins
  • Darker-colored lapel pins

What Occasions Call for Lapel Pins?

In the past, people only wore lapel pins to formal occasions like weddings or business gatherings. But nowadays, you can wear them to any event you're attending. Here are our recommendations:

Work - Stick or tiny lapel pins are the best options here. However, if you follow your own set of standards, then incorporate some Floral Lapel Pins into your professional attire. You'll be noticed at work because of the detail paid attention to.

Weddings are a reason to celebrate! Choose one of those as mentioned above, preferably floral.

Networking: Choose a flowery or a stick-shaped lapel pin if you want to stand out and establish connections; people will be drawn to you. Choose the little lapel pin if your goal is to socialize discreetly.

Any of the options mentioned above are excellent for worship gatherings.

Graduations: Any of the options mentioned above are excellent.

College: This depends on the kind of college event.

Employers' Meeting - Mini Pins

College Presentations: Stick or Floral

Funerals: Subtle, darker colored floral pins

Proms: Chain lapel pins are popular

How do I wear a pocket square and a lapel pin?

Although there are no set standards for pocket squares and lapel pins, it's generally a good idea to have them somewhat color-coordinated. You don't want things to look too coordinated, as with everything menswear-related.

Make use of your freedom in fashion to be creative here!

Final Thoughts on Lapel Pins

Okay, you now have a thorough understanding of lapel pins. Yes, initially, they could look a little intimidating. But with a little trial and error, we promise you'll wonder why you ever went without. Any feeling of being overdressed will be much outweighed by the number of compliments you'll get. A good conversation starter and ice breaker. 

As with everything style-related, keep in mind that confidence is the key. To explore how far you can push the boldness of your lapel decoration, start at the edge of your comfort zone. Visit our online store for a wide selection of stylish lapel pins.