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How to Wear a Tie Bar

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The tie pin, clip, and bar may be the most well-known, albeit misunderstood, accessories. Oh boy!

Although it could seem rather obvious, you might assume that there are a few fashion blunders.

And you would be correct in your assumption. Although most of the time, all that is required to wear a tie bar is to fasten it to your shirt and tie, there are some dos and don'ts.

So that you may confidently wear a tie bar, this guide will assist you in negotiating this sartorial minefield.

Settle in and listen up!

Tie Clip vs. Tie Bar

A tie clip opens up through a spring, which is then placed over the tie and shirt and is secured in place, as opposed to a tie bar. To keep the tie and shirt together, simply slide a tie bar over them.

A Pinch Clasp tie clip resembles a peg more than a clip because of the back's sharp teeth. Simply grasp the tie bar, position it over it, and let the back section bite into the interior shirt placket to secure the tie. You can compare them to a peg and a paper clip if you need an analogy.

How To Wear A Tie Bar

Thanks to Americans who revived the trend with series like Mad Men, tie bars and tie clips have witnessed a rebirth in recent years.

Don't listen to your uncle, who is a shady auto dealer, about where to put the tie bar. Modern tie bars are made to fit precisely between a dress shirt's third and fourth buttons. The tie clip should be visible even when your suit jacket is buttoned.

Proper Tie Bar Position

There may be a few minor variances depending on the jacket's "stance" or how low the lapels are where they meet at the top button. This will never be more than a few inches.

AVOID wearing it over your neck or close to your belly. There, it's not much use.

You'll know you're doing it right when: Your tie doesn't flap around because it's supposed to be held in place by your dress shirt placket rather than just being clipped on for show.

To choose the proper tie bar, make sure it is never wider than your tie. You can choose a longer tie bar if you're wearing a big tie. The widths of your tie bars decrease as the ties get thinner, or a slight angle is always appropriate for less formal events.

Tie-bars at the Correct Angle

To start, let's be clear: wearing your tie bar at a 180-degree angle is appropriate. The majority of men wear it this way, and most of them look excellent while doing so.

But generally speaking, angling your tie bar slightly in one direction—typically downward—is seen as a little rakish or debonair. This is regarded as a component of informality, giving the appearance of having put something on quickly without giving it any care.

But, there is such a thing as having too much. Avoid becoming an overly randomized victim!

Tie Bar and Shirt Combo

A shirt, tie, and trouser ensemble is a tried-and-true combination in the business world as a more understated approach. The problem with corporate, though, is that men frequently end up appearing exactly alike. The tie bar can save the day in this situation. Tie bars may lend that extra touch of office smarts to your most conservative outfit.

Though today's offerings might range from the classic brushed steel to crazy colors and bar patterns, choose your tie bar colors carefully. If in doubt, always choose a silver or gold tie bar or tie clip that is thinner than or equal in width to your tie.

Suiting Up With A Tie Bar

Put on a suit and a tie bar, and you immediately look stylish. The tie bar and tie clip regulations still apply, but you now have a lot of color options to choose from. Matching tie bars with the suit or the tie itself is a feature of contemporary menswear, making them appear more subtle and trendy than practical.

There is only one tip to follow when wearing a tie bar with a suit; don't overdo it on the accessories unless you want the attention and stand out. It's easy to get lost in the minutiae and end up looking like a handsome voodoo doll because suits may be customized with lapel pins, collar pins, pocket squares, and more.

Choosing Tie Bars That Go With Your Suit

Many tie bar designs and colors are currently available, as we previously indicated. While a classic silver tie bar is always a safe bet, men have started experimenting with bolder patterns to suit their personalities in the last decade. 

Nowadays, you may discover designs with anchors, animals, and even teeth, but there is a bright side: you need to know where to draw the line between sharp and blatantly tacky. Keep in mind that your suit should be the focal point. The tie bar enhances the look and can add significant detail or a distasteful pivot. The Upscale Banker experts can help with your decision.

How Not To Don A Tie Bar

As we discussed before, you should never dress with a tie bar that is angled so sharply that it detracts from your look rather than complements it.

Additionally, some outfits defeat the purpose of a tie bar. When wearing a vest or sweater, a tie bar loses its primary function as a practical instrument for constricting the range of motion of a tie. Rather, don a pocket watch to scale a lost and detailed look. 

A waistcoat or vest eliminates the need for a tie bar because it serves the same purpose as a tie bar. In a situation like this, wearing a tie clip would be stylish but may be unnecessary.

Tie Bars From The Upscale Banker

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