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Wedding Sets For Groom & Groomsmen

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If you’ve got a 2022 wedding planned, California’s The Upscale Banker has new luxury necktie and bow tie sets that are going to make your look.

So you’ve found the girl or guy of your dreams and you’ve set the date, you’ve picked your best men and your suit, but something’s still missing... the final touches on the most important outfit you’ll ever wear. That’s where The Upscale Banker and their necktie and suit accessory sets come in.

Designed especially with grooms and groomsmen like yourself in mind, the brand's collection offers you distinguished, high-end looks with luxury detailing and quality fabrics. Their new customized 8-piece wedding tie box sets contain everything you need to make yourself and your best men look impeccable.

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According to the Wedding Reporter, 2022 is the year of the wedding, with more than 2.5 million weddings anticipated to have been held by the end of this year. As more grooms than ever (well, the most grooms since 1984) gear up for their special day, The Upscale Banker knows that it is important to both look and feel great, and to stand out from the rest of your wedding attendees.

As Grand View Research’s market study indicates, the male wedding-wear industry is anticipated to grow by 7.1% by 2025, owing to an increasing attentiveness to fashion and brands amongst men. As such, beyond the essential suit decision, The Upscale Banker knows that it is your tie and accessories that really complete your look.

That’s why their new tie box sets cultivate a complete and distinct style. Containing a 100% silk necktie and bow tie, two matching pocket squares, two unique lapel pins or chains, matching cufflinks and a tie bar, the sets can be shipped to your door for free, wherever you live in the US.

One popular new set is their CEO box. Using a classic and timeless black base, perfect to accent a traditional wedding suit, the set features subtle but sumptuous accents like gold-edged crystal cufflinks and an embossed patterned black silk bowtie.

The Upscale Banker is proud to also be offering you wedding set packages, with three of the same sets for your groomsmen and one distinct set for you. If you purchase one of their wedding day packages, the groom’s set comes completely free.

Alternately, if you need to level up your suit game for work, the store has now also launched their subscription service, whereby you will receive a new box set every month.

The Upscale Banker is a California-based online menswear retailer that pride themselves on selling affordable yet upscale men’s formal fashion.

If you’re ready to meet the love of your life at the altar, ensure they love what you’re wearing with The Upscale Banker.

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